Memory Lane: When I watched the movie Independence Day in fall of 1996 – the first thing which I fall for or came to my mind or rather impressed me Jeff Goldblum riding a bike to his office. It’s kind of strange many would be impressed by the car and here I am aspiring to have a good bicycle to go everyday to office.

I wanted to do it for long and either weather did not permit or the distance or combination of all did not help me to make my wish come true. Living in Midwest is different from staying on West Coast.

Fast Forward: Summer is here and so for four Friday’s one of our team has to come not on his own car. We are doing something different for the cause to save money and donate to charity.My part was easy riding on a bicycle …well except for the backpack with the laptop.

Today, being the Friday and a day before Memorial Day weather being perfect I decided on riding a bike. The distance in any days would be a six miles from my Garage to the Parking lot but 2 more miles to be added for a bike reason some part of the road does not have sidewalk or bike ride and it betters take a longer route than sharing the ride when most of us are not prepared.
The thing which I was not ready or estimated the laptop bag but everything else worked as per plan.

On my way, few things came into my mind and its kind of cyclic:
1. To do this everyday or at least five days, you have to have a spring like weather. The comfort zone 68F to 86F.( Give or take -5F). It’s not possible in Midwest.
2. The distance from office to work should be 6 miles reason…it will take 30 minutes. I will take 1 or 2 miles more if it’s a straight line.
3. Showers in the office or at least change dress. The reason the body sweat.

The best part many cars did stop longer on STOP sign for me to cross and we waved and smiled.


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