Solar Energy 

Why all of us can not have electricity in our home is the question a 5th grader named Sarkar in Jhumritaliya asked the scientist Bijli who was visiting their school. 

Scientist Bijli said to make it available here we need government sponsorship and it takes time. 

For which the 5 grader Sarkar said till the Goverment comes to us can you help by doing research and involve us to build a solar panel roof. 

The idea was well received, worked as a project and within 9 months all 1008 of villagers has electricity and the village is reprived temporary or may be for ever of once living in darkness. 


6 thoughts on “Solar Energy 

      1. Good to read this note. Actually, i talked about this briefly. Therefore, my subject was titled by Nuclear Energy. Like Renewable resources, such as wind, and sun which it provides clean energy to human consumption and how it protects environment from destroying. On the side, was talking about non renewable resources and how it affects the nature by overusing fossil fuel, and cars’ exhaust emits carbon dioxide, as it destroys our health 🙂, thanks Train today to reap tomorrow!

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