12th Player 

Manpreet Kaur was on a mission to co-create a national team for soccer. She wanted to start small and one time she was watching a final from two neighboring states and an idea sprouts on her mind to infuse all the 12th player of the team to form a new team. 

Manpreet went on her mission to find all the 12th  player from 12 different teams . She recorded the whole game and watched multiple times. Meantime, she collected all the data for 12th players from various team she think could make the best for team. 

She connected with all 12 players and worked to join her team with a promise in each game all 12 will play. 

Her team played with rest of the states, won many medals and declared a Champion. 

Lot of journalists were trying to get hold of Manpreet to find out what different she did to get this name and fame. After many attempts one of sports reporter from US got hold of her and reported her findings. 

Manpreet did followings:

  • Involve everyone equally even the 12 player. 
  • Nutrition right at BMI ( Body, Mind, and Intellectual)
  • Failure is not an option 
  • Upkeep the technique, energy,team work. 
  • Success speaks 
  • Evolve with each failure and success. 

The infuse of player 12 from each team did very well for Manpreet is what everyone is saying. I say you help the weaker or so called labeled 12th player and make a champion out of them as they have Fire in their belly which infuse to Goal. 



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