6 thoughts on “Calorie on Sale

      1. One thing also to note – the price of Hot Dog or Pizza Slice has not changed in any of the club stores for ages.
        They want us to buy after we fill the cart. At lest once in a month I will have slice of pizza or pretzel.
        Today the word of the day Infuse prompt me to ask the question. Is is going with the word is the question I have for you let’s keep it agnostic if stores or restaurants.

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  1. Among everything on the wall, the least choice for me is soda. I haven’t had soda for most of my life…really….imagine swallowing sugar water… I only buy pizza once in a great while. No hotdog, if I want to eat beef, or chicken, I eat them cooked separately, not blending all the meat together. Well, I have a small stomach, every bite counts, so can’t waste any bite of empty calories, or junk food. Very perfect post!

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