MB Bike The Drive (#mbbikethedrive) 

Memorial Sunday Highlights 

  • A New PR for Cycling! 
  • 30:40 miles in 2:04:11
  • #mbbikethedrive
  • Total Bikers: 22,000
  • With Chicago recently being named the #1 bicycling city in America by Bicycling magazine, what better way to celebrate than with a ride on the city’s crown jewel roadway — Lake Shore Drive. This is personally my favorite drive and ride. 
  • So grab your bike and enjoy almost 5 hours of car-free is what they said. I gave them close to 3 hours early and fun talking to fellow cyclists and sponsors. 
  • An estimated 39 million people took to the road this holiday weekend. 
  • We were a rebel as we were part of 22,000 cyclists and we took part in the 16th annual MB Bike the Drive.

Photo Essays:


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