Let me ask you all a question, “What will destroy your buff the most and the one choice is:

  1. Sitting on a Chair/Sofa 8 hours or more.
  2. Eating Extra large Cheese no Burger
  3. Alcohol
  4. Cigarettes

Well, if you choose the answer 1 we are all correct. Reason, some of us reader would not be even doing 2 to 4 but we do sit and sit for long for different reasons.
Research shows sitting is more dangerous than anything and our body has a leg which is more than half the body. Legs muscles are meant for standing, walking, skating, running, and resting.
So avoiding point no 1 would be our best buff and in every hour standing for last 5 minutes would suffice.
And for other tips read on to journal or magazine…just took the photo while paying to cashier today  and it has easy diet and workout tips for you.



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