Trace(ly) Asked Questions ( TAQ):

via Daily Prompt: Trace
Memory Lane: They asked me these simple question with a complex answer when I went to School on the first day of ragging/introduction. 

  1. What Tradition did your forefather follow?
  2. What Rituals were prescribed, ordered and followed?
  3. What Art were done to express thoughts, emotions, and desires?
  4. What Culture they have had?
  5. What Ethnicity holds you and your family values?

Fast Foward: Now, tracing back to those question one thing I am realizing, “the guy who asked me really knew the importance of powerful questions to trace it back to my Root”.

There is immense power in the right question even without knowing anything prior one can know by asking the right question.

Takeaway: Trace your root with TAQ or have your answer ready or write your own by answering those questions.

Trace the Pic: Flowers from my backyard. 



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