via Daily Prompt: Portion


In a day to day life and every day, our mind wandering about Past and Future and thus knowing or unknowing we as an individual blackmail portion of our present and thus yourself take a portion of the beautiful future.


When we go for out for eating – the food we have in our plate/bag/wrap/or box,  our mind thinks we have to finish it. Hence because of that blackmail – the portion of calories intake is more than it’s required.


When the sale of Avocados surged and export increased multifold,  the farmers in one of the country were threatened to provide the portion of profit to multiple self-proclaimed organizations. This blackmailing leads to two things actually three- less profit for the farmers, more money for the consumers, and to maintain the price the other country started growing in their greenhouse even though the climate would have not been suitable.


Well, there are much more I can share but for now above three from my portion of the writing.


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