Fun – Free Uninterrupted Nature 

It’s very unusual, I will get me time in the evening. It so happened everyone at home continued with their afternoon plan.

I was feeling a void and had an hour or less time for myself.

A thought came why not ride my bike to the same trail which I do some day in the morning – just to feel the trails and to see what kind of people come.

The Thursday evening was more than perfect and there was no sign of global warming.

Three takeaways after 10:16 miles and 47 minutes:

  1. People in evening were more relaxed so was I.
  2. All sports like soccer, baseball, and Disc Golf had spectators.
  3. There was no rush just FUN – Free Uninterrupted Nature!


9 thoughts on “Fun – Free Uninterrupted Nature 

  1. As everyday starts with a run and by night everything is life of every individual, they start the morning with a super packed day finish all chores and by evening they get tired move into their relaxing state.. am I right??
    The photograph is beautiful..

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