Comfortable Oops Convertible Monday 

There are two seasons when it comes to Chicago 1. Winter and 2. Construction. Well, that’s what I was told when they welcomed me to Chicago many years ago. I heard these so many times started believing it.

Since last four years, my mind has started to disagree to believe the beliefs I had made about two seasons. This change in me is because when I started serious run from 2013. Run changed my belief and it can change yours too…is what I keep telling people who ask me why do I run.

Today, we have temp is 70’s and many people already posted on Sunday that it’s not going to be Manic Monday but a comfortable Monday and to add to it I saw many convertibles so I am calling it a Convertible Monday.


  • Enjoy Monday like any day
  • Stop believing in beliefs if it’s just by hearing many times
  • Run to find the solutions

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