A B C of Tuesday

A note from Past & Present:

We have really spring like weather in the summer or actually, it is still spring. It all started Monday and people started coming on their convertibles. I am not into cars anymore…well I was never into it. When it comes to a car…I was always from childhood would like to be driven rather than drive. One reason could be I was always had a backseat either my Dad driving or a driver for a long distance.

Bicycle my Passion:

Today, it so happened I had a call starting in the morning so could not go for a 5K run. While leaving the home, something flashed back from yesterday a convertible in the parking lot thought why not ride my bicycle to work. It sure will give me fresher air, no traffic as I will go on a bike trail. It exactly happens as the dry run I had in mind – where the expectation met the actual.

Convertible oops Comfortable:

The weather was perfect or is actually while I am writing this note for convertible or under the Sun. Enjoy till you have it what I was told in the elevator by a fellow colleague.




2 thoughts on “A B C of Tuesday

  1. I really enjoy your post! Spring and summer are such beautiful seasons! I know you probably don’t want me to call out the store in your picture but that B & N is so beautiful!!! The booklover in me is screaming!

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