Dress Code 

Once upon a time when Uniform was out from the closet after completing schooling – I had a choice and I made it simple, crisp, and natty.

The first dress code was a White Polo T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, and Woodland shoes.

Why White T- Shirt? Will come back to it at the end.

The second after many years moved to Polo Brand Shirt, Woolen Pants, Brown Belt and Brown Shoes.

The third dress code changed because of a smartphone at least I give this reason – went for a shirt with a pocket so that I can keep my smart phone closer to my heart. This way my heart can listen to all the vibrations and rings tone first.

And the final one which is my favorites among all is – Running T- Shirts, shorts, and shoes reason it absorbs all the sweat and keeps me dry.

The good thing is I still get into all my Natty Dress Code and the most comfortable are the last one.

Now, to the question why did I chose  White T- Shirt reason I don’t wear the same used one to the next day as it decodes the Natty Dress Code.



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