Crisp 1 2 3 

Crisp 1 from 2013

One of our closest friend is celebrating their wedding day and their no of years of together falls in today’s magical date 11/12/13. Wow! 

Second many of us wrote about today’s cold in Chicago. Many of my friends are happy in Sunny California or Florida and I am very happy in Chicago and here is why –

Today we had wonderfully bright and crisp plus Sunny and brutally cold – Hight 18F and low 0F 🙂

To sum up as long as it’s Sunny and Bright in Chicago we feel we are either in California or Florida with only difference instead of blue water it’s white snow 🙂

Crisp 2

Fall crisp days on track 2015 

Crisp 3

2016 Summer  Afternoon and its Ingredients:

1. Strong and Intense SUN 

2. Temp: 57F

3. Wind: Crisp 

Outcome: Photo Essay of Soccer, Football, Tennis, and Walking!

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