9 Things After Rain 

The short Rain did stop around 8PM and I tried to renew few of library books/DVD online and it did not allow as there were people already put hold on those DVD’s, and popular books. 

  1. I had choice still made my mind to walk it’s like a mile from home. 
  2. As soon I started and looked towards the sky – the beauty inspired me to click the photo. Please see the photo below and let me know what do you think. It’s like beauty is the byword of sky. 
  3. Saved on gas by not taking the vehicle out. Thus, made the Mother Earth happy. She is real powerful and forgiving as she takes so much from us. 
  4. Register for adult summer reading. Every time I finish three books either I get a free book or coupon from stores like free ice cream or a slice of pizza. 
  5. On my way there were two runners who I exchanged smile and Hi. I did look at their shoes and they were not new like what I received in the package. I am happy that they were running. 
  6. I picked the book called – The animal agenda. It’s about Fredom, Compassion and coexistence in the Human Age. 
  7. The DVD is Equity – On Wall Street , all players are not created equal. 
  8. The June flowers from people front yard while walking on the side walk did smell good. 
  9. Logged 2.12 miles walk. 


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