Cooked with Prayers

The chef asked the hungry, tired, and weariness people how do you want your meal. 

They asked if you would have been us how would you like your food. 

The chef mentioned since you guys riding on a countryside which makes you one or all of these three things which reflects on you. 

What are those things asked the travelers?

Chef mentioned this was a predictable question for me and the short answer is – Exhausted, Tired,and Hungry. 

Let me you provide which will give you 

  • Taste
  • Energy 
  • Nutrition 
  • Delicious 
  • Enjoyment 
  • Relaxation 

The chef cooked them tender lamb which was juicy inside out…perfect for those trail biker who had done 200 miles for the day. 

Tender lamb with full body red wine was perfect for the night and to continue the journey tomorrow. 

Once the Bikers reached their destination thanked the chef for food cooked with prayers and power it gives to their body. 

Always have your food cooked with prayer is what all bikers learned in their magical 3000 miles. 

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