Your Package 

The best email or best personal email for today said – Your package has arrived. I was not expecting this today reason when I ordered on Tuesday June 6th ( Power of social media – my friend found this deal and texted me to buy this running shoes as they were 50% off and deliver date would be week of 12). I was not in hurry. 

Today, while browsing through 100 of emails – this one caught my attention. Great news! The following items have been delivered. 

In This Package You have ASICS® ‘GEL-Kayano 23’ 

When I read this message I biked fast to reach home with a question To Run or not to Run with a new shoes. My tender heart did not have an answer. Well, the mind told me to take a quick power nap. 

Two things: 

  • Listening to Mind, I took a power nap to get some energy back
  • When the energy was back then it rained  

Rain and Running shoes were the highlights for this Friday. 


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