10 out of 10 on 10

Today it’s 10th June and I am stating obvious but 10 things which has been accomplished is not…they are:

  1. 100 miles goal on first 10 days of June – BRW ( Biking, Running, and Walking). 
  2. Watched the movie Bahubali 1 as everyone told before we watch the 2. We loved it. 
  3. Two Birthday’s party one at 11, another at 4, and then get together at 6. Three in a day. 
  4. Meeting someone new in the Birthday party who has common interest and work. We  connected in a second and we both are running Chicago marathon in October. 
  5. Grocery between two Birthdays. 
  6. Playing baseball with friends and families. 
  7. Going to gym on bike to do some weight resistance excercise. Photo with letting leg muscles relaxing with a roller. 
  8. A lady letting me cross the road saying you go first reason you will cross me anyway…I told that’s not case but I am late for home. 
  9. In first Birthday we talked about investment. Some of my friends have real good knowledge. To be continued when we meet next. 
  10. Cake, Pizza, and finally great dinner other than Pizza was a true blessing. 


4 thoughts on “10 out of 10 on 10

  1. I did not know weekend can be so busy here in India. I have lived in the USA for such a long time, I like my weekend’s a little lazy. But weekend start earlier then the week days.

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