10 Triumph 

I am proposing 10 Triumph in human life. I believe proposition would not be required as most of the religions already does it. There are two which others celebrate for us the birth the greatest gift from the GOD and death when our soul leaves the body. 

Rest eight we do or should do with our friends and family. 

  1. Birth – invite friends and family when the kids starts solid. 
  2. First day of school. Education is key and opens our mind. 
  3. Our sweet sixteen Birthday where we turn to adolescent. Time to be responsible for self and others who are part of our life. Promise to not go in a wrong direction.
  4. Graduation – Education stops not the learning. 
  5. Festivals every year. It’s a great reminder and there is reasons for it. For us main are Holi ( Color of Festivals), Diwali ( Color of Lights) and every thing in between like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  6. Independence Day of country of your birth and adopted country. 
  7. Your success – personal and professional. 
  8. Birthdays, Anniversary, and their Milestones. 
  9. Seasons – I invite all on a Fall Party 
  10. Death…a logical one. If we make our obituary for ever means we have done something Memorial and people beyond our family and friends will remember. It counts. 

This my 10 Triumph and personally want to get 10 out 10. 



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