Day 160 and 6-12

Today when I got up at 6 AM this morning to go out…and I am sure will be awake till 12  PM to make it 6 to 12. 

I was greeted by this Squirrel and passed on the message to write here. 

In Conversation with …. 6 – 12 

6: Human be kind to Mother Earth and save our home just like you do yours.  Please don’t cut more trees or if you have to please plant more. 

7:  The HVAC noise is a slow poison for us. You human beings are inside leaving us with those disturbing sound. In winter keep temp to 65 and on Summer move it from 70 to 75. If everyone does it we will have less noise. 

8: Don’t be afraid of us – grow vegetables on your backyard. Even if we eat we would not eat all. This will saves some emissions. 

9:  You can click one photo of us but don’t click photos or selfies. Camera shots also kill us. 

10.  Once we are hurt and you human get us back here fishing would be a good example – we go through more rough time or trauma. 

11. When you provide us food you make our life easy but us lazy.  We can get our own just leave our forest.

12.  Life is to be enjoyed- what we are because of our previous karma. Do good karma for same or better next life. Sounds philosophical…have a nice day and life. 

We said goodbye to see other. 


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