Taper sides and back

In good old days my parents were very strict on getting the sides and back of my hair tapered. This was easy reason the barber used to come to our home and two things we were suppose to do

  1. Sit in the veranda for the haircut. Everyone else from home watching…to give an analogy it would be in a current world how security cameras follows you or every step you take. 
  2. Get hair cut as told to the barber and take bath afterwards. 

Life then seemed hard specially for hair cut and now thinking about it seems like a luxury. 

Tapering is so important which many of them can’t do with clipper…one need a control on scissors with an interest. I know it’s kind of hairy subject and will stop here. 



5 thoughts on “Taper sides and back

  1. I enjoyed this and I used to cut all 3 of my children’s hair. My favorite memory is giving my father haircuts when he and my Mom retired. They lived in a cottage on a lake, so he would sit on a wooden bench while I cut his hair. Smiles, Robin 🕊

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      1. It was just as you ably described! 🙂 Do you go by Sunil? Just checking since I would like to use your name when I nominate you in 2 days on my blog. It is already written but can add your first name. 😊

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