First Date and Flat Tire 

Amit had just come to United States of Adventure oops America and this was year of Y2K and the search was still a search not the new verb Google. 

The dating sites were there not like eharmony, match dot com…or they should be there but then getting someone on Yahoo chat was much easier than in the local bar reason could be everyone stepping into a digital date. 

Long story short…this is about Amit and his first Flat Tire oops first date where he got Flat Tire reason for not able to meet. 

It was Fall season and there was a girl named Summer who he met in the Yahoo Chat room. They decided to meet at the Norcross. Amit walked as he did not have enough for Uber,  no there was no Uber then it was Taxi…it was quite a walk about 7 miles.  He waited there at a local coffee shop and Summer did not come. He walked back with a very heavy heart and 7 miles seemed like 7000 miles almost like a distance he flew to come to US of Adventure. It was his first adventure in US of America – Land of dream and opportunities. 

Next day he opened his Yahoo chat there was a message from Summer that I could not come to see you in the first day of Fall reason I got a flat tire. Amit had never heard this term before and he could not comprehend. Amit Yahoo account was punctured by some hacker that night and he lost all the contacts. There was no Summer which Amit would Fall for and it’s been many Winters and Spring! 


9 thoughts on “First Date and Flat Tire 

  1. I am going to give you a happy award nomination! It will be on Friday, 6-16-17 post. If you are able to visit that day, you will see a list of other new friends, you need not post award, but it is easy to copy and paste it on your blog. When I was anew blogger, awards were so fun and I enjoyed getting them. New people would come and visit my blog! 🙂
    Have a wonderful day and see you on Friday! Smiles, Robin

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