Last Year 

PS: This is from last year on 17th June 2016. FB reminded me. 

Reminder, It’s Friday!——————————–

The first thing I heard today its Friday, when my little one came and told me in the wee hours. This three letter words mostly brings smiles on anybodies face but my face was blank. For me sound sleep is key for a successful day. 

I asked is everything alright and he said yes and added you should go office early today and come early so that we can start the weekend. Well it sounds great but my first meeting does not require me to be in the office, just a calm and quite place. 

Well, before I could have said anything he said let’s talk and I added let’s talk about getting back to bed and told him going early is one thing and going after sound sleep makes things all very productive and efficient. 

The moment these two words came out of my mouth “Productive” and “Efficient”, I knew the timing for these two words were not right as they have more potential for discussion as they attract more gravitational force around it. I knew what would be the follow up questions. 

 I pretended sleepy and then saw him tossing and then finally he slept. Now, when I wanted to be out of pretending mode could not fall asleep. Only next thing was left to remind myself it’s Friday, let go for work out early, get ready and go for office. 

Talking of Office, once every month we celebrate Birthdays of all born for that Month. The idea of getting cake at 3:30 PM gave me a motivation to start my work out early and also run extra miles to compensate calorie lost by calorie gain. The idea of cake in afternoon really worked out as a motivation.

Talking of birthday, reminded me of an incident where parents of a kid used to get their own cake in every birthday where they were invited so that their little one can cut the cake reason in everyone’s birthday the kid saw his birthday too. To me this shows two things one the kid is so passionate to celebrate and second the parents so understanding. 
Have a nice weekend!


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