It’s Working

Last Sunday, on a friendly discussion few of my friends, had or have a common belief. They commit their early morning to understand, solve, and implement the work they are involved in…its technology.

Take away from the discussion, if you want to achieve your goal give your early morning to yourself. The time between 5 AM to 7 AM is the best and here is why? This is proven to me reason lately I have been reading a book which is not easy to comprehend. I used my one hour and things which sums-up is as follows:

  • Clarity – After a good night sleep, the morning is crisp. It comes as a bonus.
  • Oxygen – Air is fresh and deep breathing stimulate our brain.
  • Magical – Morning is a magical moment.
  • More – More with less.
  • Inspiring – In my mind, the byword for the morning is an inspiration.
  • Time – You got time for yourself.

This commit of mine is 100% proven…try for yourself and commit yourself to achieve your purpose in life. I am sure you have a story or two to share…and I am listening.

10 thoughts on “It’s Working

  1. I agree with you about mornings being magical and having more time. I used to work nights a lot and would always wake up around noon so I would miss mornings. Now I’m a 6am riser and I love all the time in a day I have 😀

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    1. Sleeping not on time is becoming difficult in this modern world…it could be because of Work, TV, Social Media…or everything. Blessed are those who goes to bed on time. Our body internal organs need a break from 11 AM to 4 AM…someone told me or I read in a journal.

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