Are you local?

Some are born local

Some become local

Some are made local by Google.

Are you local? This question has almost gone with the locals…what I mean to say with Google helps no one ask this question to locals to find out what best place to eat, visit, or run.

But, I still ask…may be not the Ice breaking question, ” Are you local?” . What it helps in connecting with the people, knowing their culture, and information is already researched.

Connect with people in local place and they take pride to tell their story, and their local story. Do you have any…I am sure we all have one at least.


2 thoughts on “Are you local?

  1. I think you are exactly right. When we take a minute to let the locals share their favorites places, and preferences, we take away a greater understanding, rather then what a book tells us. I liked this. Kinda gives me a prompt of my own, if I have time.

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