Wheel On Track 

One day, I want to see the Country from North to South and East to West by train. 

Today, I took train to Chicago downtown and believe it was one of the most comfort ride. In morning I took power nap and in evening writing my desire to hop into Amtrak one day to see places. 

They say, Train ride is luxury and want to avail it. I have a story from my memory lane which suffices Train ride is luxury. 

This Wheel on Track I am writing on my way home. I am sure you all would agree Wheel has been our greatest invention in humankind which has shorten the distance and next would be Internet and everything in between – What do you all day? 

Also, one thing I want to say Wish does not take us anywhere it’s the Goal. I plan to cover the country by 2030. 

Love to hear your memories on train. My best was in Train Saloon from New Delhi to Nanital. My friend dad was in Railway Board and they had this luxury once every year. I got invited in one of those which has all the mordern amenities – private bedroom, Dining hall, game area and it’s all glass which you can see out only.  I believe that memory will be hard to get out of my track. 



5 thoughts on “Wheel On Track 

  1. I’ve never been on a train for travel purposes but I once traveled on a train through the national park near me and it was really cool because I got to see a bald eagle and nest not on captivity. 😁

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