Fitspiration – The mantra of Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn!

[This article I wrote one year back on this day in FB and is about! ‘Learn’, ‘Un-Learn’, ‘Re-Learn’ and also for the reader to exercise their brain by ‘Unscrambling’ each of the clue words in the picture personally created by me for you!!]13438820_10206891339948152_8977892574471156509_n
Once upon a kid being the youngest in the sibling the expectations in popular Indian sports like Cricket, Football (Soccer!) was very high not only from my brothers but their friends and winning local team. I was okay and wanted to do beyond okay. On parallel then was thinking of doing something different and being an outdoor kind of person I choose which had lots of opposition but still my Dad purchased me the roller skates set. I was a self-learner and did fairly well all my skates.
As life took different turns totally forgot about it. Most recently got an invitation from one of my friends to bring my sons to the rink for him to get in love with the skating. As soon I reached there things re-winded and urge to be on the rink was very intense. I wanted to do it then myself but told it’s been ages and anything off balance would make things worse. I made myself first un-learn and controlled the urge and saw there is a class for adults. The time and date worked out so well and being an evening came with my kids to Re-learn!
On the training day, there were two instructors one young and one young by heart. The second one started at 12 and he would be 60 years of roller skating on July 2nd. His advice do not kill the child the inside you, go for what you love to do. He felt very happy that I am in the rink and relearning some of the things which faded with time.My curiosity made me learn so much in one hour like neutral, stop, go, balancing in one foot etc. Doing the roller skates was a real fun.My instructor gave me 6.5 out of 10 for getting back to my passion asked me to practice, practice, and practice. That’s my score and How about you on word scramble?

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