By Numbers (312.5 Miles *1.6) = 500KM

Today on 30th June for the month of June I completed my 312.5 miles of Bike, Run, and Walk which is 500 Kilometers. 

This is my first time reaching 300 not only on miles but there are other two which I will reveal in point four and five below and I feel proud reason in the month of June 

  1. I have been to New York City, Boston, and  Hartford. Some day trip and some for few days. 
  2. I sprained my left foot and my long run was kind of stopped. They say pain is temporary and pride is for ever. The longest run after recovery did 4 miles which was last Monday. 
  3. I promised only few Friday’s to ride bike to office and did some on week days also…today was the only day when I had option to go on my bike…preferred car reason…still trying to find the one. 
  4. June brings two other 300’s – one is I have written 328 blogs in WordPress since December 1 of 2016 and 
  5. By end of June I have 315 followers which I am really thankful of – there are so much to learn from each of you. 


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