Z to A

Recently, I was watching a video on a weight loss, I prefer to call it a weight management. This Yogi was telling we the human being should eat 4 times a day and to make it easy the timings suggested are 8 AM, 12 o’clock, 4 PM, and 8 PM.

I am sold on the idea of 4 times a meal…well how much is up to our appetite and the number we want to see on the weighing machine.

Now, coming back to snacks…here is my list if you feel hungry, bored, or tired…please indulge and reward yourself with following Z to A snacks:

  • Zafrani, ( Zafrani meaning anything with Saffron in it. We had Gulab Jamun at lunch courtesy co-worker).
  • Yoghurt. ( I learned in Runner magazine to avoid flavored Yoghurt. They encourage plain)
  • Walnut. ( The shape of walnut like brain helps brain)
  • Vermicelli Sweets or Noodles
  • Uttapam. ( Southern India)
  • Tikka ( Aloo)
  • Samosa ( Recently I posted about it), Strawberry
  • Raisin ( All hikers or climbers in Swiss have raisin in their backpack to provide them quick energy)
  • Quinoa ( Full of protein comes from Africa)
  • Prunes or Paratha ( Paratha are different kind – Cauliflowers, Potato, Paneer)
  • Olives ( The Mediterrian grocer in 70ies told me he eats every day and has not fallen sick…I told him there is live in Olive and we both laughed)
  • Nuts ( The 44th President of US used to eat Nuts after dinner in white house…I am sure he would be doing now also)
  • Mango (Mango could be a byword for Summer in some country)
  • Lychees ( Goes with Mango)
  • Kiwi ( Punch of Protein and they say it has quality of three fruits – Banana, Pears, and Oranges)
  • Jalebi ( Indian sweet…my son when young you used to call Jelly Beans Jalebi)
  • Idli ( Healthy as its steamed and with similar you can make Dosa which is crispy Crepe )
  • Hazelnut
  • Guava, Grapes
  • Flatbread
  • Eggs
  • Dates
  • Chocolate – Dark
  • Berries, The whole family.

  • Almonds

Above my snack A to Z or Z to A.




2 thoughts on “Z to A

  1. I have a daughter who is Anorexic so I am not a great believer in weight loss, losing weight is a good thing but it can cause complications to people who might develop an eating disorder. My daughter eats at 8am snack at 1130 Lunch at 1pm snack at 330pm Dinner at 6pm snack at 8pm and at 10 pm. this is to encourage her or persuade her to eat at set times. Laurence


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