Good Fortune Flight 

Once upon up in an air two flights almost collided – one flight was with a businessman tycoon and other with 150 passenger. 

The flight carrying 150 passengers,  crew members and pilots could not balance and burst into fire. All of them could not see their loved ones and vice verse.  

The business tycoon survived..the power of good fortune of one person and karma was more powerful than the combined 150 passenger of flight. 


One thought on “Good Fortune Flight 

  1. There are several different ways I am wanting to look at this piece. There is the instant sadness for the 150 lost, and almost disbelief that the one was spared. But, at the same time….I do believe that everything happens when it was meant to happen. And the loss of the 150 was meant to be. But then, a piece of me looks at it like this… Was the single manned aircraft at fault… Did his actions inadvertently cause this tragedy. If so, then may karma seek its justice.

    Wow, humbling piece. Thank you for sharing.

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