Some Days 

Once upon somedays on a plan excercise morning day if I don’t run the day would runs me and it would be a good example I would be scrampering around. Here is how got rid of those days…read on. 

My friend told me – you have to take the reason out and make it work.  Well that was in a different context and I have started applying wherever reasons hijack the action and outcome. 

For instance, day I am not able to run will do one of the following:

  1. Will do some activities which helps like walking, elipitical ot something similar. 
  2. House hold chorus like lawn mowing or 
  3. Sit for 10-15 minutes to do Yoga combined with meditation 

The above help me not to react to situations and prepares me to be mindful to respond. It works and on a different context let me share… the story of the photo from yesterday goes like – we went to a beach and they told us they got a warning of thunderstorms. We came to a shelter and some scrampered away and us waited. We were debating to stay or leave. I looked into the weather and chances of rain was minimal. We choose to wait and after few minutes of light rain , clouds cleared, and we got chance to see the beautiful rainbow. 


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