Jangle in Jungle 


A private three seater airplane landed in the jungle safely on the top of the banyan tree. Yes, all the three colleagues were safe. The sound – the harsh one, the annoying one which we call ‘Jangle’ disturbed the ecosystem of the area during the day time. 

The sleeping Bengal Tiger did not like the jangle in the jungle…on the top of it two out of three colleagues started accusing each other for the situations. The third one tried to stop saying this is not the time for a fight. Let’s run from here. 

The other two 1. Did not listen and 2. They said there is no way we can escape. 

The third one said we just have to out run the slow one reason once the The Bengal Tiger catch one we would be safe. 

The third one started running and other two fighting colleagues followed but they were so exhausted fighting they were eaten by His and Her Highness of Bay of Bengal Tiger and Tigress. 

The Bay of Bengal Tiger had call for a backup and hence two of them. 

Moral of the story:

  1. Don’t disturb the ecosystem by jangle.
  2. You just have to out run the slowest in your group. 
  3. Have a backup. 

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