Sunday Topic by Kid 

This excercise given to me:

Kid: What Topic you have in mind?

Me: 24 Hours.

Kid: Two words to describe the topic?

Me: Even and Equal. 

Kid: What you feel about?

Me: People who utilize their seconds, minutes, and Hours are better than rest. Go for it. 

Kid: Another word to describe the topic.

Me: Time. 

Me: Rich or Poor one thing which GOD has given us in common is 24 Hours. How one uses it makes all the difference. 

  • Sleep is important and if one can afford sleep 8 hours. This is 33% of 24 hours. 
  • The 66% of time can be for school, office, and Home. Give your best. 
  • Use one hour for self development. Call it a Me Time. I use it for 31 minutes for excercise, 19 minutes for reading/writing, 10 minutes for spirituality/meditation. 


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