A little Caper

They said or say, ” If you give your kids a smart phone you take away their childhood “. 

Well, it’s true to some extent and I would it’s up to us not to make it true. 

We adult has to give away our time to them. What I see many of us parents are so glued into their 3rd screen aka smart phone specially these days on Whatsapp…those groups from school to college making all of us so busy. Ironically, there are thousand of us wishing Good Morning, then those Gyan Kaa Videos ( Knowledge videos) etc etc. Then we do Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and those who do not do all of these are busy Snapchat or texting. 

Now my evening story where I could see the caper. We went on Bikes to play baseball and I could see kids capering ( those little dance move) while running for home run. 

There is so much to do only if we give little rest to the digital world. What do you say?


8 thoughts on “A little Caper

  1. I agree that we should give rest to digital world. We should as family agree on a certain time or day to not touch any of our digital gadgets and do family activities like play, walk, talk etc. Weekends are usually the best time to do that.

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    1. Well said Gansu…all things can wait. Kids grow pretty fast and just like us we grew fast for our parents and now busy in our day to day activities. Blessed is who who can balance five things – 1. Aging parents, 2. Current Family Life. 3. Finance 4. Hobby ,and 5. Enough for future generations – grand children.

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