It’s Grits 

Tony Mony Grits Kitchen was famous for all the runners. This was in the middle of the forest reserve and open on Weekends. 

Tony’s menu has only one item and it’s called It’s Grits. 

The ingredients were simple and organic – Wheat, Corn, Nuts, Oil, Vegetables, and Cooked with spirituality. The outcome of it has the following characteristics:

  • Granular 
  • Rough
  • Integrity 
  • Tasteful
  • Sweet and sour

Tony and his wife after leaving their corporate jobs is a full time marathon runner and they  run on all the continents. 

Their success story become so popular – people started investing on their organic land.

Tony and Mony had long retired and they were not after money just after their passion and in truth – money was following them. 

Moral: Do something like Tony Mony where you don’t have to go for money instead money follows you. 

Ps: It’s a real story as told by colleagues during lunch time. For privacy it’s not a real name. 


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