Two options 

The personal trainer told the group of people – there are two options to manage your weight. 

All were adults and after hearing Mr. Personal Trainer – they asked just like bunch of kids. 

Really! What are those. 

  1. Excercise 5 days a week for a year. 
  2. Forty Days of fasting in an year – one day of the week and keep eating in a controlled way based on your vitals for rest of the days. 

Any guess which idea got more hands up…well it’s not as simple as there were people from all over the World in the country made of Immigrants. Most of them bumbled after hearing it and those who did not –  Here is the break ups:

  • The Netherlands – this country has more bikes than people. They choose to exercise. They ride bikes for everything and all seasons. 
  • Japan again they eat less as they choose their dining plates smaller for less portions. They preferred excercise. 
  • India fasting as they have many festivals and also Yoga. 
  • Indonesia fasting as they do to detox. 
  • Brazil – brown rice and beans and excercise.

What would you prefer and  please don’t bumble be humble as we all have to tumble to get answer to Mr. Personal Trainer. 

14 thoughts on “Two options 

      1. I think I was taking the easier of the two! Fasting one day a week sounded easier than exercising 5 days a week each week. I don’t think I would have the stamina for 40 straight days of fasting. Wow!

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