Privacy on Display

Those were days living with parents…when no body knew what size pant I used to wear except the Family Tailor and now looking at my Jeans people can know I wear 32 size waist and 34 length. My privacy is on display as everything is labeled. 

There were advantages and disadvantages of tailored made dresses. 


  • Made to fit you 
  • Unique to you
  • Lots of options 


  • It’s not instant as you pick the ready made dresses. You have to wait as they work for you and your number would come based on how many people are in front of you in their diary 

The retail has made us into Petite, Small, Large, X-Large category…somehow we all 7 plus billion people fit in…not sure how but we do.

Given a choice I would like my clothes to be Tailored and want this profession to be alive with a hope 

  • Tomorrow 
  • Awaits 
  • In the 
  • Life 
  • Of
  • Real people.

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