Missed by .04

For Sunday I had plan to run and run to plan for 10 miles. I could do walk, run, and walk still missed the goal by .04 – the total came to 9.96 mile. 

.04 mile is nothing and still I miss it reason I could write 4 reasons for it. 

  1. I did not get enough sleep as we were partying till 2:00 AM. Long run requires good sleep. Waking up 7 AM and getting ready for long run was a drag. 
  2. Eating till late in the party or still eating till end was not a good thing. 
  3. There was a foot massager which I used for longer than the specifications Time. Anything of too much even the good thing is not good. 
  4. I could have slept extra hours in the morning and gone for run in the afternoon but once I got up it was difficult to go back to sleep. Also, there were other plans lined up. 

Moral: There is prerequisite to go for Plan your run and run your plan. One has to follow or else will fall short. 

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