Lollipop Moments

Almost after 10 years somebody came to me and whom I had lost touch with – told me about the situational question. The question I had asked in the interview and of course the person was selected based on the answer.

I was told because of the question the person thought this would be a great organization to work…and the person did for a decade. That was my Lollipop moment.

Last year, I did my First Marathon and wrote an article, “My Untold Story of First Marathon – It’s DHONI ( Determination, Hours, Nutrients, and Investment). I got a note from one of my friend who got inspired by my article and did the first marathon in April of 2017. That note was my Lollipop moment.

Few years back one of my assignment was to train people into consulting. The whole process was of four months. Some of them were good and some of them really needed a push. Apart from class room session I had introduced one and one meeting with each of them where we used to go for a walk and talk and coffee and a cake. This last part really changed and helped me the weakest link among them to be strong. Two of them came to me in the last and told they learned more from my Walk and Talk…and that was Lollipop moment and of course at the end received the best mentor award.

There has been beautiful comments in WordPress which I can relate to Lollipop moments…when readers like you said my writing inspired them to run, there is always something new for them to read in my writing.



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