Suitable Groom

They asked why she married her elementary school sweetheart and her short answer – I was very clear on certain things or qualities reason marriage is not a contract…it's a commitment. Everyone was interested to know and Sofia started her story:

Brian was very health conscious and always participating even though he was not good but with practice things came along him. Health is not granted…we have to make best use of what we have and bring discipline.
Even though Brian came from a rich family he understood the importance of need and want. He gave importance of being affluent than rich.
Reading anything and everything for his age continued as a habit. I love this reading habit in any one and we used to read same book at same time and discuss about it which used to take us to far different places without leaving our backyard.
Every one around him used to get induce with positive vibe to get things done. The buoyancy being around was felt by everyone.
A goal or purpose while reading, playing, family, friends or in general. What should he get from it as simple as fun if not anything else worked out well.
Brian was good making connections with all kind of people irrespective of age, color, and gender. Once the tie was there it always worked to make it more stronger.
Most of the time his act and power of producing through imagination was/is a good surprise. Brian this quality is because of reading some great books and some same book reading again and again.
Brian's enthusiasm for life, eagerness to do things, devotions for work, passion for people summed up very well in the Zeal.
His me one hour in twenty fours for the day was Harmonize(d).

Sofia Sofia…get up its 6 AM and today you have the most important meeting said the Mom to her daughter Sofia who is visiting her in summer of 2017.

One thought on “Suitable Groom

  1. Sunil, you have a wonderful talent for these types of verse. To take a word and to use each letter of that word in delivering a very meaningful message. This one was especially telling, Sofia is a very lucky person! Thank you for sharing.

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