Question for all Tea Lovers: What is common between Tea and Gravity?

Short answer : Fall.

Long answer: Well for that we have to sit in our backyard with a hot water under the Apple tree and Tea trees. If the wind blows the tea leaves fall in your hot water cup – the color and taste will change and you will be sipping your tea instead of hot water. If the Apple fall the gravity will prove right again.

Now, you see how Fall has been so important part in our life. Talking of Fall – Tina since childhood was very fascinated in cooking. Her first toy kitchen is still there in her basement.

Her passion for cooking has made Tina very famous chef and she does come to host Iron Chef. Anand fell for Tina when he was called for a Tea by Tina's Mother. They are happily married with two kids and one thing still holds true they have their evening Tea together.


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