We all have been given the count of breathe we will have in our life time. Sound philosophical and preaching…it did to me when my Boss told me in 2008 in a casual lunch meeting. I was shocked and kept thinking about it on my way home in a train from Downtown Chicago. My boss was ( I say was reason not in touch ) a very disciplined and dedicated to meditation ( not the simple ones… the one where you go for a retreat for a week and not connected to anyone except yourself).

Well, long story short I forgot about breathing – I mean the right one till running a serious one came into my life. A shallow breathing was making me more tired and not my legs.

Three things which I dedicate to my previous boss:

  1. Deep breathing is a key.
  2. Don't indulge into things which makes your breathe polluted.
  3. Watch your breath and you will feel life.

Picture: A shallow pond for birds to catch fish.


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