Soft Case Study

I am not saying – many books, articles, motivational speakers, leaders, history channel or business channels, radio, and business schools have said if your business is sub standard ( well, they did not say sub standard it’s me who is using today for DWP)- you need to read about Coke or any similar global Soft drinks which started penetrating into continent like Africa since 1928. Remember then we did not have the Internet or anything similar to handle business from a central location. How did they do it…here is their 1, 2 and 3.

Before that – Why coke comes into my mind? Do I drink – No! On my way to the office on a stop traffic light, the Coke Delivery truck was before my automobile and they were asking to love it again and again. I took my phone and clicked the photo – did not know will have to use it.

Well love for me was not in the bottle of coke – till I reached office I was looking at traffic and trying to decode what they meant.

  1. Then – Coke made people feel good and accomplished holding the bottle. Now, they have water and many similar products too. Moral – Just don’t have one product…Expand!
  2. They gave local flavor or flavours( UK spelling). A new generation every time feels it’s from their country and consumes more. Moral – Be Global and speak Local!
  3. Keep the ingredients secret. Moral – Keep your core to yourself.

On a personal note: If you don’t drink coke and want to invest in their shares – Do click their photo of the truck and ponder about it!

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