Grade F

Ramu on his visit to Grandparents house found his elementary school PT report card where he had got Grade F.

This report card took him back to the memory lane of Summer of 69 ( Yes, some of you are already lost in Bryan Adams famous song Summer of 69) where he could still remember what his Grandfather told him, ” You have got Foggy as a Grade and added – what you got we all know, how you got it we all know and why you got it also we all know”

Let’s work on to make it the last Grade F and here is two parts – How and Why?

  • How:

We will take a baby step and work on the Goal. Be persistent and never give up.

  • Why:

Getting clarity aka success, in this case, is a cyclic process. We have to keep repeating and improving on it.

Ramu still goes with these golden rules from his grandfather and most of his classmates who had Grade A ( A for ability) has dropped from the list as they took it as one-way traffic.

9 thoughts on “Grade F

    1. Well, let me try! In reality Ramu had got Grade F and his grandfather instead saying it Failure …he said result is Foggy and encouraged Ramu to work by providing ‘How’ and ‘Why’ part of puzzle to never get F again.
      His Grandfather added success is a cyclic process.


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