Lion, the Movie! The

Watched the movie Lion based on the update from a friend on the Facebook.
It’s based on a true story and how a person who travels to 1600 KM in a decommissioned train to an unknown place Kolkata and from there he was adopted by a couple from Australia.

When he got into a Hotel Management and in one of the Indian gathering he saw his favorites dish which reminded him of his childhood. With technology especially Google he was able to meet with his mother in 2012 after 20 plus year.

I recommend this movie to everyone and two of the dialogues which touched nadir of my heart and wet my eyes.

1. We chose not to have kids. We wanted the two of you…But to take a child that’s suffering like you boys were. Give you a chance in the world. That’s something.

2. I found my mother…it does not change who you are to me Mommy

If you got time, watch Lion!

2 thoughts on “Lion, the Movie! The

  1. I watched Lion about a month ago. Very well-done movie. The child who played him as a kid was so endearing. I like they way they showed him being “haunted” by his family, which kept him going. Also liked the relationship he shared with his girlfriend.

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