Casual Dress

What’s common between Swami Vivekanand, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Well, they were very casual about their dress and still very successful in their fields. Their daily dress was like they created their uniforms. For example, if one has or had black turtleneck T- Short and blue jeans at least seven in their closet – they would have enough time for deciding something more important in Morning than about dress. That’s exactly Steve Jobs had and also he looked very smart in his unique inform.

Albert Einstein had gray suits, Swami Vivekanand wore a saffron dress and Mark Zuckerberg has gray T – Shirt and Jeans.

Isn’t it interesting and if you are planning to make your closet just like any of those four then take away from all successful people is if you are going for casual please keep following six things:

  1. Clean and carefree fit
  2. Affordable and adjustable
  3. Suitable and Stylish
  4. Upbeat and Upscale.
  5. Appealing and Amazing
  6. Larger than Life.

The last part…Large than Life – is what people should remember you from your work for this World and your own casual dresses.

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