The Faith Runner touched 10,000KM.

Sunday was the last day and last 100 KM for #thefaithrunner – Samir Singh. They asked everyone to run few KM’s with him or virtually anywhere. In my case, I did my part in Chicago suburb Naperville.

When I started – I commented on his live Facebook,” Samir – See you in the Finish line”.

It takes lot of self-discipline and effort to achieve something like this – 10,000 KM. Today, I did 24.19 KM ( 15.12 miles). After 13.1 miles – I was almost thinking of stopping then the thought came if Samir can run so many miles – after stretching my legs I finished another 2 miles.

Photo Essays:
1. You will see Samir Facebook update after reaching 10,000 KM

2. The photo of the elderly couple walking hand in hand. I loved this one.

3. Nature photos…


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