Shaping Culture and Being Shaped by it – Raksha Bandhan

Today, happens to be a Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi.

Memory lane: Once upon a childhood…living in Parents home with elder sister and two elder brothers. This one day was very special. Waking up and getting ready by taking bath, wearing new clothes, quick worship…rushing to family room. The first thing started with Tilak on forehead, tying rakhi on a right wrist, eating biggest possible sweet available in the plate and finally putting gifts on the plate ( thali) for sister.

Fast forward…with all this distance we depend on postal to get Rakhi. This year for some reason it has not come yet even though my sister posted on 14th July. Well, more than that I said it's more about shaping the culture and being shaped by it.

About Raksha Bandhan: It means "bond of protection " and celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters. A sister ties a rakhi ( sacred thread) on her brother's wrist for his happiness and successful life. In return brother gives her a token gift and promise to protect her.


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