Pizza Delivery

Recently, I saw a reality show which touched my heart. The story goes like this…a father and son.

Nathan gives 1000 Rupees to his son Neel – saying keep this for your school fees and I am going for a work.

It's Saturday and when father goes for a work – son Neel called his friends Nalini to watch movie in their new home theater.

Neel ordered Pizza at his friends place from the money which his Dad has given for the school fees.

When Pizza Man came to deliver…Neel and his friends did not open the door for the reason if the pizza is not delivered in 30 minutes – they would not have to pay for the pizza.

They opened the door after 30 minutes and Nalini told Neel to take care of it.

Neel without looking at Pizza Delivery Man told about not paying the money and when he took the Delivery…he saw it's his father.

Neel felt very sorry that instead of reading at home…he is enjoying at his friends place and ordering Pizza from his father hard earned money into something fun.

Neel felt sorry for everything and promised his Dad…he is not going to do something like this in his life.

6 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery

      1. Pizza delivery has its ups and downs like any other job. I’ll share one of the best days I had. I was pregnant when I made this delivery. It has been a slow day so I wasn’t necessarily feeling good about myself. I went to the door she answered. She asked if I was pregnant and I said yes. She signed her copy of the receipt and I went to my car. I wasn’t until I got to my car that I realized she gave me a $20 tip and she wrote “Good luck with your pregnancy”. It was one of the most heartfelt memories I had as a driver.

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