Summer Saturday – A Mile or Two

Today we all the runners touched the finish lines. Every Saturday of summer morning at 9 we gathered at School to run a mile or two. There was only one when it rained – none of us could make it.

11 Things We Learned:

  1. Run or Walk…the mantra as coach said is keep moving.

2. Keep your water bottles – Hydration is key.
3. Reaching is a half battle won.

4. If your friends are visiting you take them too.

5. Getting out and being with Nature to get Vitamin D is priceless.

6. Some are born runners, some become runners, and some train themselves to be a runner.

7. Stretch your body before and after the run.

8. Sign for a next run…run is a continuous process.

9. Tell other slow runners on a track …yes you can run it.
10. Smile and other will smile and the distance becomes shorter.
11. Share your run journal with others…just like I am doing it.

The school opens next week and personally, I feel run well accomplished from 11 Saturday’s morning.


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