Sunday – MAE

PS: MAE is Morning, Afternoon, and Evening!

You Got 24 Hours:
Last night (Saturday), there were many topics on the table and also Gulab Jamun. I heard after indulging into Sweet you got 24 hours – either to burn as calories or let it be a fat. The host serves and guest has a choice to indulge and burn or …!

In photos ( Haldiram's Gulab Jamun – it's an Indian desserts and run )

Sammy's Birthday in Waterpark
It's been 4hours plus non stop water fun on Sammy's Birthday and these kids are not ready to come out…the saying, "Gayee Bhains Paani mein ” is coming true! Regarding the saying – If you let buffaloes in hot summer in India they would not like to come out of water.

India 70th Independence Day;
The Indian Origin American celebrated 70th Independence Day by calling Governor of Illinois, Mayors of local villages, and Mika Singh a singer from India.
There were cultural shows, floaters in the parade to showcase the culture, food stalls, and we were there for few hours.
It started with American and Indian Anthems followed by cultural dance, songs, and fireworks.

To sum up:
1. Morning with Nature and Self.
2. Afternoon with friends kids Birthday. Meeting new people and spending afternoon is real blessing.
3. Cultural programs bring back the memories …dance, songs, food, and people.


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